Life in the shadow of the wing of the thing that's too big to see

by New Bedlam Asylum

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released September 14, 2012



all rights reserved
Track Name: Tony's Song
Waking up to a hangover we both deserve;
me running around with my eyes closed, you catching me out;
treading water through a sea of ripped jeans and roll-ups
when you throw me a life ring
but all I want to do is get high with you
I've got to say that I can't be your night and day.

Things'll never be the same since that day back in September.
I've got to be honest, I really don't remember that much,
but now I know how my cousin must've felt
that time I felt her up.
Did I touch a nerve? You don't deserve that.

I'm a conscientious objector now,
In theory it makes sense, but the truth is it'll never work out
Track Name: Wing and a Prayer
I could have sworn that it was raining outside
I told her I was burnt out and she told me that she feels alive
We swore we'd be lovers till the day that we both died
well, maybe when we're not so jaded in another life.

Now I'm hungover and I'm lonely and I'm depressed
with a tightness in my ears and a ringing in my chest.
Walking away from you was some kind of stupid asshole move
but acting like an asshole's what I've always done best.

Maybe I'll call you when you're thirty three
and we can trade in one more tomorrow morning
for a last taste of your youth on a wing and a prayer for a good time.
We'll take it back to when it all seemed so obvious
and the last days of your youth are waving...
Track Name: Untitled
I'm a little cartoon boy with a real life monster living in my chest or is it the other way around?
It doesn't really matter because the bastard son of both is walking the streets tonight in flip-flops and a dressing gown so WATCH THE FUCK OUT!

Hating everything is not so bad when you still believe that the god spinning beneath your ribs is bigger than the devil in your shoes and everything is determined by the force or irony.

So, I'm taking all these notebooks filled with first world problems written in my spit and putting them in a backpack and I'm painting my face with tiger stripes and cycling off a MOTHERFUCKING CLIFF and I'm singing 'that'll show 'em all' (but who?)
Track Name: Disaster Capital
All you know could be turned to dust in a matter of time and matches.
Then we'll see who's laughing when those housing projects that you hide behind crumble to dust and the distant memories of your friendly neighbourhood deus-ex-machina.

we light it up, pour a stiff drink and watch it burn. You know, it's been a long time coming.

Gather round and strike a match
we'll watch the embers as they burn to ash.

There's no use crying over spilled blood but it's easy when you're prepared and I can see it coming a mile off from my ivory penthouse.
There's a lot of people waiting for the rapture, praying for end-times. Me, I can't wait - mushroom clouds look so pretty from a safe distance.
Track Name: Life in the Shadow of the Wing of the Thing That's Too Big to See
If you've ever rode an aeroplane or filled out a tax return;
If you've ever watch pornography or slept with a drunk person
You're the worst kind of criminal
and you deserve the worst kind of prison.

If you know all about climate change but you've done nothing so far;
If you voted for Labour in '97; eat meat or own a car
You're a fucking murderer and you know exactly who you are.

It's hard to fight that feeling when you're/I'm watching television
That you're/I'm buying nukes for Israel and funding terrorism
and if you/I ever smoke another cigarette
cancer's way too good for you/me and that's exactly what we'll get.

If you own expensive jewelry or a pair of designer shoes;
If you have any children at all or if you ever plan to,
there's a special place in hell reserved for people like you.

2012 could be the year
that every-fucking-body in this awful hemisphere
awoke from troubled dreams to find that they'd transformed into disgusting vermin.
Track Name: God Playing Dice
would you stop and think how unlikely it is
that something as unlikely as love could exist
in a place as completely unlikely as this
it's a wonder that anything ever loved anything else at all.

I never thought that something like this love
could happen to people unlikely as us
it's a burden of truth and a matter of trust
and the universe playing itself out against all the odds.

Even though it feels nice to be playing the house and winning,
we'd better quit while we're ahead...

Alone late at night on the factory floor,
a God sits working and watching the door,
trying to cultivate something like love a bit more
out of old bits and pieces of flesh and of blood and of bone

Good Luck